Availability of Puff Bar after the Vape Mail Ban!!

“Vaping is a lifestyle and no vape mail ban can stop us from living our lifestyle.”


All the new bill amendments have forced many small businesses to shut down their online stores. Big shipping couriers have already announced that they are cancelling  the protocol or brands such as Lakme  internet shipping accounts by the end of April 2021. But do not worry, there are still some licensed sites and retailers available at your service to serve you with vaping essentials. 


Under “the cover of darkness” the United States Congress amended the 2009 PACT and JENKINS ACT to include Electronic cigarettes. It’s often common practice for our government to legislate in this way - in one huge, all or nothing “budget bill” at the end of the year that greatly impacts various industries and now the target is the vaping industry. 


If you think you're not gonna enjoy your favorite Puff bar anymore, you are wrong. Puff Bar has some incomparable flavors in all disposables which surprises the users with its purer and smoother taste. 


Why have most of the disposable vapes gone “out of stock”?


After the amendment of the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act, shopping online for vape products will become increasingly difficult, but not impossible. Some brands like Raven Route are working hard to stay ahead of the curve and are preparing as much as possible for any shipping delays as this transition takes place. 


We know that some of you will miss certain products you used to order online that have now been discontinued by the manufacturer, but your reliable store is doing the best to bring them in or find you something similar. No matter what the rumor says, your favorite products are not going anywhere because some licensed stores have got you covered. 


Available Flavors of Puff Bar


#1 Tropical Blast New Lush Banana Mango (5%)


When mango season is on the way then there’s nothing better than a tropical blend of bananas and mangos in the summer heat. It’s an explosion of juicy, pulpy notes that comes in the mouth right away after the inhale. 


#2 Banana Ice (5%) 


Banana Ice is a refreshing blend of banana flavors with ice menthol e-liquid for a smooth and cooling vape experience. The slight tickle of ice is like revisiting the summer. 


#3 Juicy Honeydew Melon 


Refreshing and tasty with the real flavor of summer. Juicy honeydew melon delivers a cantaloupe burst and fresh note of menthol. An ideal flavor to vape all day long. 


#4 Unicorn Milk


A decadent and tasty flavor loaded with custard, cream and strawberries. The taste of primary ingredients are well-balanced and the flavor of 4 exotic creams comes through perfectly. 


#5 Lychee Lush Ice


A fruitful rendition with a pinch of coolness. This flavor adds an amazing taste of lychee and watermelon with a touch of ice. This lychee ice puff bar is suitable for heat weathers. 


What’s now?


Do not be disheartened if you see your favorite flavors “out of stock” or “discontinued by manufacturer”. Puff bar has been a legendary device and will always be available at your service. So, which flavor are you missing the most? Share your thoughts with us.

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